It’s Getting Hot in Here

Going through the different abstracts from different sources has become more interesting than I anticipated. A lot of the references are from AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science). The conversations in the references I found are purely based on records to prove that climate change exists. One article from AAAS I found talks about the temperature change. “The global temperature rose by 0.2° C between the middle 1960’s and 1980, yielding a warming of 0.4° C in the past century.” Now, looking at that change it makes it clear that the “warming” is taking it’s time. However, the article goes on to predict the potential effect in the 21st century, stating the erosion of the West Antarctic ice sheet, and the opening of the Northwest Passage.

Another article shows temperature trends of the 1980’s using more satellites that provide us with a more precise atmospheric temperature. ” The warmest years, in descending order, were 1987, 1988, 1983, and 1980. The years 1984, 1985, and 1986 were the coolest.” It shows no obvious trend in a span of a

   For example, in this chart it shows the fluctuations in temperatures from the 1980s to now. There’s an obvious increase that can be seen, I’m not denying global warming’s existence, but it’s a small increase. An increase that isn’t drastic enough the change the seasons like some people believe.

2 thoughts on “It’s Getting Hot in Here

  1. This a such a great topic to talk about and I never realized the fluctuation in temperature until I looked at the chart. But like you said its a small increase and we do not realize it.

  2. The chart is very interesting and from reading you other post helps prove the point behind your main idea. I think the speculation of the changing seasons and temperature. I find the research interesting because back home in Illinois we have had 3 times the amount of snow this year from the last several years. My dad definitely does not believe in global warming after shoveling over 6 feet of snow this winter.

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