Uneducated Leaders tend to make Bad Decisions

The Author Uses the Article, Drone Wars, by Michael Burnam-Fink


The Author of the article uses direct dialogue from a real drone pilot. So the author proves his point by just using quotes from the pilot who has experience dealing with the laggy delay with the drones. The author wants to point out some criminal use of drones the government puts into effect. The author uses the description of the job to show how poorly managed the operation is by showing that the leaders of the military do not truly understand the functionality of a drone.

The author best example of pointing out crimes of the drones is when innocent civilians are killed because of the 2-6 second delay. The author of Drone Wars explains the death of many civilians when they tried to take out a Taliban Convoy in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Military leaders understood the potential risks of the mission, but instructed pilots to make the lethal strike on the convoy and civilians. Uninformed leaders should not be able to make the call. If the military needs experienced Pilots to lead and consult the General than it should be done. The Air Force should start making a push to recruit more drone pilots.

The author used real data and a primary source to example crimes and the poor leadership behind the drone warfare. The leaders in the Drone War do not understand how to operate the drones with lag and in civilian areas.

G.W. Bush with Border Control Drone

G.W. Bush with Border Control Drone

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