What does it mean to be depressed?

Mark Hill with his post in trying to investigate what little people actually know about depression and what it means to be clinically depressed. He talks about generalized myths that are common among people when they think about what it means to be depressed. Mark even links within his blog to similar articles  that discuss some of the same myths  he addresses. Within the articles he sends you to they go more in depth and have medical backing. When reading through the articles Mark provides the format of the articles is more of bullet points or numbering what they are going to talk about. Through out Mark’s article he links to his academic articles and references that help support and build his claims, upon reading his links I noticed he has done his research. It shows me that the research Mark has done proves that the myths he looks into are not true, that they really are just misconceptions that people have involving their views on depression. I wanted to focus more of my research on the notion that only old people and women get depressed. Both articles including Mark’s mention that the reason that there is a myth that men are less likely to be depressed is do to the society stigma that men are not supposed to show emotions, or that they are just less likely to seek help, or sometimes covering their emotions with physical distractions. So does this prove that men do not get depressed? No, but it does show that do to social stereotypes that men keep what is going on with them bottled up.


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