The real question is: Which kind of concussion can you sleep off?

When looking at my Cracked article about concussions, I clicked on the academic article. Once getting to the site they were referring all their information to and reading through it, I realize how little they actually use from this academic article.

The Cracked article says it very confidently that people should sleep after concussions, but the academic article is telling us a lot of information about and determining the different kinds of concussions (from mild to serious), the symptoms involved with each, the difference in child concussions and adult injuries, and what requires immediate attention and what can be “slept off.” This article is from the Mayo Clinic, and has the methodology of true medical studies. This is where they are getting their information. The academic article also determines that even if you don’t black out you could still have a concussion and not know it. Most people have concussions and recover fully, however, there are extreme cases to look for. They go on explaining how important this injury is, but not to the extent that some people have made it.

Going back to the Cracked article they tend to make fun of the origin of this myth, talking about how it probably started with drunk people not able to differentiate between the brain injury and other black-out drunks. It made me laugh when they said sometimes a person may need severe medical attention or just some good Taco Bell. 

The Cracked article, makes a very brave claim in saying the best way to treat a concussion is by sleeping. When in fact there are several factors to take in to account when determining how to treat a concussion. The Cracked article is broad and very cocky with the claims they have made. They have not taken into account the types, symptoms, ages, and causes that also affect how people should treat conditions.

It will be interesting looking at the very intricate process of deciding the BEST way to treat a particular concussion. Because first you have to determine the type of concussion, symptoms, age and what caused it THEN you must look at all of the factors to be able to decide what is best for that individual’s particular concussion.


2 thoughts on “The real question is: Which kind of concussion can you sleep off?

  1. It seems to be a common occurrence for Cracked, as well almost any site that tries to bring humor into news, to pull just a small bit of information from an important article and phrase it like this huge, revolutionary idea. However, in reality, it is often just a small correlation between a couple of things.

  2. I like this topic a lot. I got a concussion from a baseball a few years ago and my family and I were very confused about what I should do to treat it. I never would have thought sleeping would be a good idea as my coaches kept telling me to stay awake. This is something I would find very interesting to write about.

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