4 Ways Your Education Was a Conspiracy to Make You Bored

This article stood out to me because being bored in school is one of my specialties. It talked about how the interesting stuff is left out of textbooks and the things put in textbooks do not prepare us for anything. Teachers are under paid, unsupported, and stressed out. The author strongly feels that we need an education revolution and I agree.

This second article stood out to me because it is something I have thought about a few times. Is college really as important as it is made out to be if one is not interested in going into fields such as medicine, law, or engineering? This question made me think about it because I am not going to college for any of those three things. I’m not sure how I can link this to the first article that I found but I think it could add an interesting spin to my research.

2 thoughts on “4 Ways Your Education Was a Conspiracy to Make You Bored

  1. Finally! Someone agrees with me! This is what i’ve been saying since I came to OSU. We’re conditioned to go to college. It’s the right thing to do. Does it prepare you for the real world? Not at all. But, we do it because it’s our only option.

  2. I feel the same way college is something that I was told I had to do my whole life. I was told if I did not go to college I would not amount to anything in life, and would have a horrible job making no money.

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