6 Myths About Everyday Things

I found the Cracked.com article 6 Ridiculous Myths You Believe About Stuff You Use Everyday. Myth number one caught my attention microwaving/freezing plastic containers releases deadly toxins. My step dad use to always say do not microwave food in plastic it poisons your food. I could never figure out how he knew this but it was better to just go through the process of doing what he wanted. I always thought that he was making way to big of a deal about it, but then a lot of other people started doing the same thing. So I started to think maybe my step dad was not so crazy.



Picture from ziploc.com

My article starts off by telling how this myth came into being, and goes on to talk about how freezing has no effect on plastic it actually keeps the chemicals from leaking out of the plastic. The article also says that only a few chemicals come out of the plastic during microwaving. It even talks about how the toxins talked about being in the plastics are not even in plastics.


Picture from rackcdn.com

My article uses some sources from seattlepi.com, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and cancer.org.




2 thoughts on “6 Myths About Everyday Things

  1. This seems like it would be very interesting to find out more about because I have always been told that it is not good to heat plastic containers in the microwave as well!

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