6 Myths About Drone Warfare You Probably Believe

6 Myths About Drone Warfare You Probably Believe

This has become a very interesting topic for conversation in the United States. From all sides of the argument Drone Warfare has been controversial. The Article demonstrates that the process of Drone Warfare is not only very complicated, but difficult and very ugly. It shows that drones could delayed, invade privacy, and very difficult to operate.

The Cracked.com article shows one myth about the difficulty to fly the drones, and how a drone could be flown from Washington D.C., but take off in Afghanistan. The lag challenges pilots to guess the future and understand the movement of troops.

One of my favorite books I have read is, No Easy Day, By Mark Owen. The book is the story of the Seal Team who took out Osama Bin Laden. The book talks about the White House wanting to use a drone strike on the infamous compound rather than a manned assault. Finding this connection really interested me in this Article.

My oddly connected interest in Drones began here? Huffington Post

My oddly connected interest in Drones began here?
Huffington Post

This will be interesting to investigate this operation because with so many moving parts, at some point in time a link in the chain could be broken and fail to get the right target or kill innocent civilians. Plus it will be interesting to find out who is in charge of the targets and when drones go into flight.

Ethan Miller/Getty

The camera Drone pilots have to watch to pick out targets

Ethan Miller/Getty

My starting point for my research will be with the source used by the Cracked.com, Pains after War for American Drone Pilot, the article provides me with a primary perspective from a drone pilot. This will give me a good initial starting point to launch from and find out why the pilot’s do what they do and how they feel about their job. One important aspect I am excited to find out is how the pilots feel about carrying out a controversial mission.

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